Landscape Lighting

Nothing stimulates our senses more than light..

Light evokes our emotions. It radiates our faces; it warms our bodies. It soothes our nerves while reassuring our fears. It provides us a sense of security as we walk down that lonely pathway. It comforts the soul. The ambience of light erases the stress of the day.

Light gives us color, forms, shapes, shadows and depth.

Without light, we are in darkness. And darkness is only welcome when we sleep.

Highlight your landscape. Create an ambiance. Safely walk along your path or stairway. Remove your darkness. Evoke your emotions.

At Complete Illumination Services, we use our knowledge of light to stimulate after the sun’s radiance retreats.

Explore (Emblazon) the night .

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Your home is your biggest investment, so why let it’s unique character fade into the darkness of night?

Low voltage landscape lighting by Complete Illumination Services (a division of Complete Irrigation Services, Inc.) will transform your home into a dramatic mini-resort. With today’s busy lifestyle, why not spend nighttime unwinding with family and friends by spending a relaxing evening enjoying your newly accented landscaping? Utilize outdoor lighting to transform your home’s look, dramatically increase the security, improve overall safety, create that ambience, and utilize all of those outdoor living spaces without the harshness of flood lights.
And now, to complement your sights, we offer outdoor audio for your living spaces to bring the sounds of life to your tranquility. Made for the harsh outdoor environments, our audio systems will blow you away with there rugged quality, and spectacular sounds.

Complete Illumination Services, has been installing and servicing outdoor landscape lighting for more than a decade. Our highly trained team can take your project from inception to elegance and tranquility in a very short amount of time. Call us today for a FREE demo and let us show the sounds you have been missing by day, and the ambience you are missing every night.


Lighting is considered low voltage if it is operating at 30 volts or less. A device known as a transformer is used (either at the fixture or at the “central” location) to reduce (known as “step down” the voltage from typical house voltage of 120 down to 24 or 12 volts (and in between).

When designed, installed, and with the right starting voltage at the house, low voltage (halogen) lamps produce two and a half times the light per watt (w, the unit of electrical measurement and how you are charged by your utility company) than standard line voltage incandescent bulbs. Thus, a 25w low voltage lamp produces the equivalent lighting (as measured in foot-candles) as a 125-w incandescent bulb.

In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, where the cost per kilowatt hour (that is, 1000 hours of one watt), is _______ cents, the cost of 1000 hours of usage on one lamp can be over $7.50, per fixture!
This degree of savings is just one of the many compelling reasons to utilize low voltage lighting in your landscape!


Complete Illuminations Services has embraced the latest outdoor landscape lighting technology, light emitting diodes, better known as LED. This new technology is everywhere, whether its your car, cell phone, house, grocery store, or gas station they all are equipped with LED lighting. Incandescent and Halogen will soon be a thing of the past. Here are 7 reasons why LED may be right for you.

1. LED landscape lighting can save up to 80% in outdoor lighting energy costs, saving you $100s or even $1000s per year.

2. LED Lamp replacement is almost nonexistent. This reduces the lighting maintenance costs to almost zero. LED landscape lamps last up to 40,000 hours (that’s 21 years at 5 hours per day) WOW!

3. LED outdoor lighting is the cutting edge lighting technology. Why install an outdoor lighting system that utilizes old inefficient technology?

4. LED outdoor lighting is the safest form of lighting. LED landscape lighting produces very little heat compared compared to halogen landscape lights. The landscape fixture is only slightly warm to the touch where as halogen 12 volt landscape lights can cause burns to people, pets or plants.

5. $ave green by going green. LED landscape lighting systems dramatically reduce the impact on the environment due to the big savings in energy and installation costs. Though there is a greater up-front investment with LED fixtures and lamps, these new outdoor lighting systems use much less copper wire, smaller transformers and basically no lamp replacements. Its helps saves natural resources and the environment while not sacrificing economic value.

6. LED lamps able to withstand bumps and knocks , unlike incandescent the lamps, LED bulbs don’t have delicate filaments which can be damaged due to movement of fixture during maintenance or gardening.

7. LED Fixtures come with optics which accurately control the light output.